Advanced Tree Removal Services – Timber Ridge Tree Care

Providers of Advanced tree Removal Services

Quality comes from experience and Timber Ridge Tree Care have been providing quality workmanship in the field of tree maintenance and removal and excellence in customer service to residents, business’s, corporate and commercial entities in and around the Grand Rapids for over 25 years now.

As professional arborists with full insurance we provide all tree related services and take enormous pride in the reputation we have painstakingly earned in the local area for our attention to detail, cost effective solutions and impeccable safety record.

With advanced tree removal services as one of specialties our team of highly qualified and trained personnel will come to your place to remove any tree, of any size which is posing a danger or threat to persons or property. We offer our experience on a regular basis to the local developers and corporate organizations in effectively resolving issues with mature trees. With our qualifications we are able to quickly identify the type of tree and the easiest method of removal. With our comprehensive knowledge on rules and regulations and tree identification we will advise whether the tree is protected under the engaged trees classification and provide assistance in seeking approval for removal ensuring adherence to rules and regulation governance in the state.

The advanced tree removal services we offer include an A to Z of tree removal. Developing a strategy for safe removal, taking every precaution to minimize risk and damage to surroundings. We provide everything from tree maintenance, through to the complete removal of a tree including the stump and root system. No job is too big or too small for Timber Ridge Tree Care.

For all your advanced tree removal services in and around Kentwood and the Grand Rapids contact the experts at Timber Ridge Tree Care.