Grand Rapids Tree Experts

Questions to ask your Tree Removal Expert

Are looking at hiring a tree removal expert? Timber Ridge Removals are avialable for any type of job. Before you hire someone there are questions which need to be asked and answered. This ensures you are hiring a competent crew to undertake the task at hand.

Your local Grand Rapids Tree Experts from Timber Ridge Tree Care have been conducting all manner of tree removal, stump grinding/removal, tree pruning, tree maintenance, tree species identification and more within the local Grand Rapids shire for over 25 years now.

We are licensed and offer qualified crew members who undertake extensive training before we let them anywhere near our equipment. We understand the value which property has and make every effort to ensure strict safety protocols and procedures are implemented. This is controlled by our onsite Certificate III qualified Arborist. This ensures that all work is completed in a safe, prompt and efficient manner.


Some of the questions which we are asked when we tender for large contracts or even conduct small jobs for local residents include:

Can we provide a list of references or testimonials? – Yes we Can! We have countless satisfied customers across Grand Rapids and Kentwood shire who will happily verify our expertise.

What are our credentials? – Are we members of any associations, have professional affiliations to verifying our claims of expertise? Yes! we are members of the US Arboriculture Association. Are fully registered and actively participate within the association.

Do we have and will we provide an up-to-date certificate of insurance, registration, etc? – We are happy to provide you with details of our comprehensive insurance. We also boast a no incident record. Our current registration and qualifications of supervisors and crew members attending to the project are available upon request.

How long will the project take? – We provide an estimated timeframe for each and every project. We make every effort to adhere to these deadlines. Occasionally there may be delays which are out of our control. We will advise you immediately if this occurs.

[Ask yourself] Does the company appear professional? – We promote only a professional image at all times. Our crew members wear appropriate clean and tidy PPE gear, including reflective shirts, and clothing. We understand how first impressions count.

What Safety precautions do we implement? – We have a very strict safety policy which ensures the safety of all crew members on the ground and in the air, residents and the general public. Our crew are trained in road traffic management and we carry a supply of orange traffic cones and tape to mark off dangerous areas . All our crew are expected to adhere to our safety policies. These include the wearing of hard hats, protective shoes, long pants and long sleeved shirts for their safety.

How will we approach the job – equipment, possible damage, etc? – Before we make any cuts, we will discuss the project with the owner. A strategy is developed. We advise on the equipment we will be using. Where we will need access. The risk of damage to your gardens, etc during the course of our activities. We provide full disclosure and transparency allowing you to make an informative decision.

Contact your local Grand Rapids Tree experts from Timber Ridge Tree Care for a comprehensive, expert and professional job completed with minimal disruption and stress at competitive rates.