EmergencyTree Clearing


When storms or severe weather condition hit the area there is inevitably going to be some form of major storm damage caused by trees coming down. This can occur over major streets blocking traffic flow or it may be a tree or large branch which has fallen onto a house causing severe damage.

In any of these cases tree removal is essential. As is speed in response times. As your local experts is all things tree related, Timber Ridge Tree Care offers a 24 hour emergency tree clearing and removal service. We are available at all times of the year 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For your safety we advise you to never go near a fallen tree. If power lines have fallen in the process we strongly advise that you contact the appropriate authority to notify them.


If you see a damaged tree near your home or business, it is important that it is dealt with as quickly as possible. Branches that have fallen or are at risk of falling are a serious threat to people and property. Timber Ridge Tree Care are heavily engaged during severe storm periods in helping with the efficient emergency tree clearing of hazardous trees and blockages.

We are engaged in the local areas from further afield seek our expertise when it comes to the safe and proficient removal of storm related hazards.

Timber Ridge Tree Care 24-hour emergency storm clean up service consists of, but is by no means limited to removal of:

  • Dangerous hanging branches
  • Fallen and hazardous branches
  • Fallen and hazardous trees
  • Storm damage


Your can prevent being placed in a position where you have a fallen tree or branch through your home or on your car. Before storm season arrives contact Timber Ridge Tree Care to conduct an evaluation of your premises and provide advice on the health and quality of your trees. We will recommend which trees or branches needs to be pruned and cleaned up.

This service can potentially save you a lot of heartache and frustration during storm season.