Government Tree Services

Local providers of quality Government Tree Services

Timber Ridge Tree Care has been in operation within the Grand Rapids since its inception in 1991. As a dedicated firm in the effectual management of trees, tree pruning, tree identification, clearing (selective and entire) and more Timber Ridge Tree Care are highly regarded for our skills. We are the local experts contracted by Government to conduct our specialist work in line with projects. Based on our performance and understanding of the accountability and value for money required by Government we continue to have a strong business relationships with regular renewal of contracts and new contracts.

We offer the latest in new technology solutions and provide transparency in our operations with clear indication of our capabilities and demonstrated capacity to fulfil our claims.


  • 24/7 emergency response call outs
  • Highlight trained dedicated team of professionals
  • Dedicated supervisor (Certificate III qualification or higher) onsite for the duration of every project
  • Regular progress reports
  • Completion of projects within schedules
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Comprehensive OH & S processes


We work in collaboration with Government in the retention of trees whenever possible provided they do not pose a threat to the safety of people or property. Our services extend to encompass all areas of tree services including:

  • Pruning
  • Tree identification
  • Strategic planning and maintenance
  • Garden layout (providing recommendations on tree species)
  • Removal of sick or dying trees

If you need government tree services of any kind or size, contact the local experts with a reputation for quality work, excellent safety record and the capacity to bring to fruition what we offer. Timber Ridge Tree Care!