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TRTC and his team arrived bang on time,which was important. They did a fantastic job of cutting back and clearing some very high thorny hedges. Very pleased the work and the garden looks twice the size. Would recommend them.

Roger L
Kentwood, MI
May 27 2022
secondary_image May 27 2022

How to Care for Newly Planted Trees

Trees play a crucial role in the environment and enhance the aesthetics and value of any landscape. Planting trees offers numerous benefits, and that's why we need to provide them with care and maintenance for a healthy and lush backyard. We get many environmental benefits from trees, like improving air quality and absorbing harmful pollutants, meaning we need to protect and maintain them. At Timber Ridge Tree Care, we have a team of experienced and trained arborists who provide quality tree service to saplings to develop and grow healthy trees.

If you are looking for a tree care company to help you take care of your newly planted trees, you've come to the right place. The following tips will ensure your plant and nurture young trees by providing everything they need to grow and avoid attacks from diseases and pests. Here are some general tips to consider when taking care of newly planted trees on your property.

Watering the Root Ball

Watering a sapling sounds easy, but doing it wrong can damage or dry it. We recommend watering the root ball to ensure it develops properly and guarantee the tree's long-term survival. If you have planted trees, it is vital to maintain a watered root ball, but not to the point it is fully soaked. A tree service company can help you develop an appropriate watering schedule that doesn't keep the root ball too wet or dry, affecting the tree's well-being. Watering bags and garden hose ensure the root ball is properly watered because they control the stream of water so that you don't overwater or go underwater.

Stay Away from the Trunks and Leaves

It is also vital to ensure you don't water the trunk and leaves to avoid severe damage to the sapling. Although the root ball should be watered at all times, the leaves and trunk are not fully developed, and any damage they sustain can lead to irreversible damage. An excellent solution is consulting a tree care company for tips on effective watering to avoid significant damage to vital tree parts that impact growth and development.

Watering Schedule

Different trees have varying needs, but most have similar watering needs. Regardless of the type of tree, saplings should be watered every two to three days, allowing each tree to receive at least fifteen gallons weekly. However, trees with a trunk size over two inches in diameter require eight to ten gallons of water. This can be challenging for homeowners to keep in mind, and that's where we come in as your reputable tree service provider. Our arborists can ensure a watering schedule is designed to meet the various needs of your trees without compromising their general health.

These are some things to consider if you want to provide newly planted trees with the appropriate care. Contact us today at Timber Ridge Tree Care and schedule an appointment with our representative. We guarantee unmatched tree care and maintenance at a pocket-friendly rate.