On-Site Mulching

Do you have a lot of downed branches following a heavy storm? Are you in need of tree removal services but don’t want the wood of your giant Oak to be wasted? Then you may be looking for a mulch company in Grand Rapids, MI. Many local residents and businesses may be unaware that Timber Ridge Tree Care provides on-site mulching as an added benefit for property owners. In addition to tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding, our team of professionals also has the tools and equipment required to create mulch from your felled trees or trimmed branches. If you’ve been looking for a “mulch supplier near me,” then discuss your needs with our friendly staff today. 

What Is On-Site Mulching?

On-site mulching is the process of turning your felled tree, downed limbs, and trimmed branches into mulch using various types of equipment. Our tree care professionals can bring our heavy-duty industrial equipment to your property and perform the mulching service in your own yard so that you can utilize the wood from your trees as an additional resource. Mulch is extremely beneficial for a range of gardening and landscaping tasks, but purchasing large amounts of mulch can be very expensive. In addition, pre-packaged mulch may have been exposed to chemicals or been exposed to fungi or insect populations while sitting in outdoor storage for months or years. On-site mulching will provide property owners with fresh, natural mulch from their very own wood. 

Why Invest in Professional Mulching Services?

Many property owners regularly purchase quality wood chips from a mulch supplier in Grand Rapids, MI. Our team can provide you with a lot of mulch in a convenient and affordable way. Purchasing the equipment needed for mulching your own wood can be prohibitively expensive since the tools required for the task cost much more than buying the mulch from someone else. By adding on-site mulching to your tree pruning, tree removal, or stump removal service, you can save money and ensure that the process is performed safely by someone with extensive training and experience. 


What Can the Mulch Be Used For? 

Natural wood chips can retain moisture, reduce frost exposure, regulate soil temperatures, prevent weed growth and improve curb appeal. For these reasons, mulch is a very popular product for most property owners. Whether you have a large vegetable garden, want to tidy up your flower beds, or want to protect ornamental trees from extreme weather conditions, mulch offers a lot of benefits. 

Do You Need a Mulch Supplier in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Give Us a Call Today

Are you still searching Google for a dependable “mulch supplier near me”? If so, then you have found the perfect solution. Not only can we help you keep your trees well-trimmed and in top shape, but we can also provide on-site mulching. If you’ve been on the lookout for a mulch company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, then let our professionals help you achieve the results you want. Contact our office to learn more about our mulching services or to schedule an upcoming tree care service. 

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Thank you so much for sorting the overgrown trees outside the front of my house today. He was done an amazing job, he also trimmed back my neighbours overgrown trees too and she was extremely happy with his work. Will always recommend him.

Andrew S.
Georgetown Township, MI

Plants/trees arrived quickly and looking healthy...  communication really good as was moving into a new home and trying to organise the Tree planting with the completion date. No problem at all. Great stuff, great price and would use again.

Carl Gomez
Cascade, MI