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Choosing a Tree for Your Landscape

Well Landscaped Home

Trees play a crucial role not just for the environment but enhancing the aesthetics and value of your property. As a home or property owner, choosing the right tree for your yard can be difficult and often leads to many mistakes related to misinformation about the tree’s size. That’s why it is vital to consult a professional tree service provider, to alleviate the mishaps that usually occur in selecting and planting trees. Tree planting is a fun activity that should ultimately lead to a healthy and lush lawn, but common errors only result in disappointment.

Hiring a reputable and reliable tree care company goes a long way in ensuring everything is carefully planned and vital considerations are made before and when planting. We believe that every successful tree planting starts with choosing the right tree, and advanced planning before visiting the tree nursery can help you make the right decision.

Planting Goal

Before making any decision, it is crucial to ask yourself, "what is my goal for planting a tree?" there are numerous factors to consider, like size, species, cost, and many others, making tree selection a tedious and time-consuming activity. If you are not careful, it is easy to get side-tracked before answering the most important question.

Whether you want to plant trees for privacy and beauty, establish a family heirloom, or increase shade, a professional tree care company in Jenison, MI can help you narrow down various suitable tree species for your desired goal. Establishing planting goals helps ease the process by making it easier, allowing you to choose the ideal tree for your desired purpose.


When it comes to tree planting, location is vital in ensuring you get the most out of your lawn and minimize the risk of damage. There are several factors to consider when selecting the ideal location for your tree, like sufficient physical room, access to sunlight, and the ideal soil conditions for that particular species. If you are not sure about the requirements and size of the tree and the conditions needed to grow, Timber Ridge Tree Care can help you narrow the selection for a successful tree planting. Our experts will assess your property and tree needs before tree selection and planting in the most suitable location.

Additional Considerations

Aside from tree-based considerations, there are other factors to consider, like animals, to prevent planting trees that can easily be destroyed. The planting season is another crucial factor, especially if you are looking for an evergreen tree for year-round color or a tree with bright red leaves in autumn. This is the ideal time to onboard a tree service provider for help to ensure the decision you make is suitable for your property and planting goals.

Whether you prefer a tree that provides food for squirrels and birds or one that flowers during the summer, we’ve got you covered. The professional team at Timber Ridge Tree Care acknowledges primary and secondary benefits to help you make informed tree choices based on your priorities. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with the leading tree care company for quality tree service at a competitive market price.



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