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The Benefits of Using Cranes For Tree Removal

Tree Crane

You probably already know that when a tree can’t be saved anymore and becomes a potential threat to the safety of one’s environment, it is time to remove it. Although in the past, chainsaws were seen as the traditional approach to tree removal, nowadays, many companies also use a tree removal crane due to many reasons. In this article, we will go over some benefits of using a crane for tree removal.

When you imagine a crane removing a tree, you may imagine something like a construction crane. However, a tree crane is much different than a construction crane in terms of the way it works and the way it is built. A tree crane has a part called the "boom" that works just like an arm to lift a climber.

When Is a Tree Crane Used?

Tree removal isn’t as simple as it seems, there are many factors that should be considered such as the tree’s size and location. A tree crane is especially useful for removing certain trees such as:

  • Trees of large sizes

  • Trees that are dead

  • Trees that are close to wires

  • Trees in small areas


Safety is one of the biggest reasons why cranes are used so frequently nowadays. As you may already know, dead trees pose a serious risk to you, your family, your property, and even your neighbors or passersby. That’s because it is impossible to know when or where the tree will fall, which can injure people. These trees become even riskier when it comes to removing them because, during the process, the tree or its branches can fall. However, cranes lower this risk a great deal compared to other traditional methods of tree removal. Of course, the person who is using the crane also must be trained thoroughly to ensure security.


Contrary to the popular belief, tree removal with a crane takes a short amount of time. All the other time-taking processes are completely up to the team that is working. When the professional team ensures that everything is set, the process will be very quick.

Less Mess

Normally, after the tree is removed, there will be lots of little pieces and mess to clean. The good news is that cranes create very little mess compared to other methods by removing the tree in small pieces. So, you don’t need to borrow equipment to clean them or hire a professional to get rid of the mess.

Professional Tree Removal

Yes, dead trees are big deals because they are clear threats to your safety. However, it is possible to relax your mind and put your worries to ease with the tree services of Timber Ridge Tree Care. We offer many types of tree care services like trimming, pruning, and removal. We value and cherish your trees and will make sure they will get the treatment they deserve. Please contact our professionals today if you need help with taking care of your trees.



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