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What Affects the Tree Removal Cost

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If you have a tree that needs to be removed for whatever reasons, it is essential to be prepared financially. This means acquiring estimates from various tree service companies before deciding on a particular service provider. Since estimates can't be accurate via phone, Timber Ridge Tree Care provides visual evaluations to assess the tree and other pricing factors properly. We have a team of trained professionals ready to help you maintain a safe and healthy landscape through quality tree removal. Here are some of the factors to consider that affect tree removal costs.

Surrounding Area

Although most homeowners opt for DIY solutions, a professional should handle trees that are close to utility lines or have branches intertwined with power lines. A tree close to your home or nearby structures requires more effort and time to remove than a tree in the middle of an open field. A tree service provider also considers vehicle access to the tree since the cost increases if it is not accessible. Timber Ridge Tree Care leverages industry standards, tools, and equipment to enhance the safety and quality of the project and informs the utility company before breaking ground.

Tree Size and Species

Tree removal cost is impacted by tree size since a large tree takes much time to climb and cut down compared to smaller trees. Large trees leave behind a lot of organic debris, which requires more cleanup time. These factors will increase the price of tree removal, but that is not a reason for you to take on the project on your own. Interestingly, the tree species can impact removal costs, depending on the density of the wood. Trees with thick wood take up a lot of time cutting branches, resulting in a higher price tag.

Tree Stability

Fallen trees are cheaper to remove than diseased or damaged trees on their way down but yet to fall. If you detect a tree that's not stable on your property, you need to hire a tree company for maintenance before it grows into a big problem. The tree service provider you hire will evaluate the state of the tree and spend time designing a safe removal plan. Our goal is to secure your property and our crew throughout the tree removal process, alleviating any risk of damage to utility lines and surrounding structures.


A tree company that owns and operates a crane can charge less for large projects than companies without heavy-duty equipment. Traditional tree removal techniques depend on complex rigging and lowering, taking more time and effort than crane tree removal. Before agreeing with a tree service provider, ensure they have the necessary tools to get the job done. The last thing you want is to pay more for tree removal than is required.

Timber Ridge Tree Care offers clients free estimates, helping you plan for tree removal. Contact us and schedule a consultation with our expert technicians. We guarantee exceptional services and leave your yard in better shape than we found.



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