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Commercial Tree Lopping is a process which all customers across Michigan encourage from commercial enterprises and one which they practice themselves with regularity to ensure trees of beauty remain safe for residents to enjoy in our public parks and other locations.

Regulations for commercial tree lopping vary from state to state and can be the cause of great confusion for owners of commercial property. These regulations are in place for various and good reasons and vary between urban and rural locations.

Some of the reasons for regulations tree removal and commercial tree lopping is to preserve endangered trees and the US landscape and animal habitats when every possible. Tree lopping is conducted if it poses a danger or prevents development, however trees which do not need lopping or removal remain intact.

In some instances prior approval may be required to conduct commercial tree lopping. As a developer or owner of commercial property it is advisable to seek the assistance of qualified and experienced professional in the arborist industry. These professionals deal with regulations on a daily basis, they are also highly trained and experienced in identifying and knowing endangered trees allowing them to quickly and easily provide you with trusted information on your best course of action.

Timber Ridge Tree Care have been conduction commercial tree lopping services within the Shire for over 20 years now and are fully conversant on current legislative requirements. Our expertise will be of benefit to any developer or commercial enterprise in highlighting trees which present dangers and also how these trees can be pruned or lopped in an indiscriminate manner without removal.

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