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Your local, trusted Tree Lopping Grand Rapids Service

Timber Ridge Tree Care are your local, trusted providers of tree lopping Grand Rapids and surrounding suburbs. With over 20 years of experience in the industry you can trust Timber Ridge Tree Care when it comes to tree related issues.

Living in Grand Rapids you are aware of the wild weather swings we have a various intervals throughout the year. At Timber Ridge Tree Care we live and breathe trees and take our job very seriously, helping residents, businesses to maintain trees in a safe condition, minimising the risk of damage during these periods of inclement weather conditions.

What is tree lopping?

Tree Lopping is the process of trimming sections off a tree from height and width to reduce the risk of damage from fallen branches. Tree lopping is an opportune time for professional arborists to identify branches which display disease or illness and amputate them before they fall during heavy winds or other weather conditions causing serious damage.

The practice of tree lopping is highly recommended by experts in the industry as a way of maintaining beautiful trees of age and substance, restoring your garden or trees health by eliminating dead branches and allowing your tree to focus on regrowth and regeneration through healthy new limbs.

By engaging professionally trained and qualified arborists such as Timber Ridge Tree Care you are guaranteed to get a satisfactory result in your tree lopping Grand Rapids experience. We will not compromise on the safety aspects, however will help you maintain an aesthetically looking tree that doesn’t look like a hack job. Our skilled staff will assess your trees conditions and make the necessary cuts in indiscriminate places which will be beneficial to you as the property owner and the tree.

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