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Timber Ridge Tree Care is your local, trusted provider of tree lopping in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

If there’s one thing at which West Michigan excels, it’s weather.  We’ve got pretty much everything you can imagine throughout the year from freezing rain and sleet, to straightline winds and even the occasional tornado.  Keeping trees happy and healthy through all this requires skills and knowledge than only come with training and experience.

What is tree lopping?

“Tree lopping” is the process of trimming sections off a tree to reduce the risk of fallen branches. An Arborist will survey the tree and make recommendations for which branches should be removed.  This can then be done in a safe, controlled manner before they come down in a strong wind or ice storm.

Removing dead or diseased branches can also contribute to the overall health of a tree, allowing it to focus its nutrients and energy into new growth.

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