Tree Maintenance Grand Rapids

Small and Large Scale Tree Maintenance Grand Rapids

Timber Ridge Tree Care are highly experienced in the development and deployment of strategic tree maintenance schedules on a small and large scale. Contracted by various entities, consisting of local residential owners on residential and rural property, local business and companies and local Government, Timber Ridge Tree Care cover all your tree maintenance Grand Rapids needs.

Our expert team of professional arborists will identify trees and branches that are ill, infected or pose an imminent or high potential risk factor and use the safest techniques to remove these risks. No longer will your trees look like they have been hacked into with a chainsaw, Timber Ridge Tree Service take great pride in maintaining trees in a way that causes minimal stress and is aesthetically pleasing. We introduce a form of large scale bonsai (tree shaping) cutting branching in a systematic fashion, guiding the tree to develop and grow in a particular manner.

Practiced in all areas of tree maintenance Grand Rapids residents rely upon Timber Ridge Tree Service offer advice on best and safe practices. When it comes to pruning, felling, tree trimming, tree surgery, stump removal no one out performs Timber Ridge Tree Service.

Highly recognised for our skills and expertise Timber Ridge Tree Service is often engaged for large scale tree maintenance programs external to the Grand Rapids.

We can help you to set up a tree maintenance program, giving you peace of mind in knowing that Timber Ridge Tree Service will be onsite at regular intervals to evaluate the condition of your trees and tidy them up.

Much like anything, the key to maintenance in regularity. If your tree maintenance in conducted on a regular basis you alleviate potential risk problems through early detection.

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