Tree Maintenance

Small and Large Scale Tree Maintenance Grand Rapids

Timber Ridge Tree Care are highly experienced in the development and deployment of strategic tree maintenance schedules on a small and large scale. Contracted by various entities from homeowners to local governments, Timber Ridge Tree Care covers all your tree maintenance needs.

Our expert team of ISA-Certified Arborists will identify trees and branches that are damaged, infected, or pose an imminent risk factor and use the safest techniques to mitigate them. Properly done, tree maintenance is not harmful to trees and ensures they continue to grow and thrive.

Highly recognized for our skills and expertise, Timber Ridge Tree Care is proud to offer our services to Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.

Why is regular maintenance a good idea?

To encourage new growth – By reducing old branches your tree will naturally produce new and healthy growth.

To beautify your yard – Clearing away unwanted and ugly or protruding branches helps to make a yard look neat and kept.

To treat disease – If your tree is showing signs of disease, it best to remove the diseased portion before it spreads. This removes all diseased or potentially diseased branches before the entire tree succumbs to the disease leaving removal as the only option.

To remove hazardous branches – Removing branches in a safe, controlled manner is far less risky than waiting for a storm to take care of for you.

Encourage fruit production – All fruit trees need to have regular pruning or maintenance to encourage the growth of flowers and fruit. Ensure that your tree is producing its maximum yield by having regular pruning conducted.

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