Tree Pruning, Trimming, Shaping


Timber Ridge Tree Care is a locally owned and operated tree pruning and overall tree maintenance company. We have been servicing the Grand Rapids with professional, reliable and expert tree pruning, tree identification, tree shaping, skilled arborist services and any other tree related service for many years.


Timber Ridge Tree Care are engaged on a multiplicity of jobs and projects from simple tree pruning to clearing under powerlines, clearing trees for new infrastructure and occasionally for tree identification and preservation.


We offer a consulting service to developers and other interested parties in effectively managing trees within their scope. This may include selective clearing of new land for developmental purposes. Clearing of land for agricultural purposes and more.


Time has educated people and created a greater understanding of the value that trees have in the environment and in managing functioning ecosystems. No longer are farmers, developers clearing land willy, nilly. They are selecting and retaining trees for many reasons. Perhaps due to the local fauna which rely upon various trees species for survival (eg. Koalas and eucalypt trees).

Timber Ridge Tree Care offer our skills and expertise in identifying and keeping trees which have not only intrinsic but other values of greater needs, such as as food source of in retaining soil integrity.


We understand that occasionally trees need to be removed for the safety of humans and property. Our experienced staff are able to effectively and quickly remove such trees.

Our Service are extensive including:

  • Trimming – Pruning – Shaping
  • Tree Surgery – Arborist Services
  • Clearing from Power Lines
  • Tree Cleaning
  • Pre Storm Season – Inspections
  • Storm Damage
  • Emergency Services

If you have a tree related issues and are unsure of where to turn or who to ask for advice, call Timber Ridge Tree Care. We are here to help.