Tree Service in Rockford, MI

Tree service in Rockford, MI is a valuable investment for the long-term health of your trees and the price of your property. Healthy trees with a robust trunk, sturdy branches, and vivacious foliage can beautify the yard and increase the value of your property. However, diseased and disheveled trees can do quite the opposite. Timber Ridge Tree Care is proud to serve all areas of Rockford, MI with reliable and affordable tree services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal. We are your local tree service company with over 25 years of industry experience. Call Timber Ridge Tree Care to schedule an appointment or request an emergency tree removal in Rockford.

Keep Those Trees in Shape

Spring is not too far away. Are your trees looking fit for the spotlight? Tree trimming in Rockford is an underappreciated service that can do a lot for your trees. At first sight, you notice the clean-cut adds symmetry to the area. Dive a little deeper and you will discover that tree trimming gets rid of dense parts of the tree, allowing airflow and sunlight to pass through. Thinning these branches can do wonders for surrounding plants and shrubs as well. Keep your trees in shape with an annual tree trimming. Timber Ridge Tree Care is ready to take your call and schedule a convenient appointment.

Tree Removal in Rockford, MI

Prevent Disease and Infestations from Spreading

Trees are like living ornaments for your landscape or garden. Some can provide centuries of increasingly alluring aesthetics. However, disease and infestations can throw a wrench in that life expectancy. This is where tree pruning comes into play. 
Pruning these diseased or dying limbs in a timely manner can prevent afflictions from spreading. This also saves valuable nutrients from being wasted on fruitless branches – so to speak. 
If you notice tree limbs are looking less than healthy, then call Timber Ridge Tree Care to learn if tree pruning can be beneficial. We are happy to schedule an appointment or send a specialist to your location as soon as possible.


Schedule Tree Services Today

Storms, soil erosion, and other natural phenomena can send your tree crashing down in an instant, so it is important to either make sure trees are on solid footing or remove them before damage is done. 
When a tree is in a risky position, a tree removal in Alpharetta is an option after other risk mitigation measures have been exhausted. However, it is better to remove the tree than to leave it standing precariously. Remember, you can be found responsible for damage caused by a tree that should have been removed.
If you notice that one of your trees is suddenly leaning or has a decaying, damaged, or diseased trunk, then call the folks at Timber Ridge Tree Care as soon as possible. Don’t waste time searching the web for “tree service near me” when you can call us anytime. Our live representatives and ISA-certified arborists are on standby for your call. We can arrange emergency tree removals in Rockford, MI.

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Our Reviews


We had a monster tree with 5 fused trunks and a gigantic canopy awkwardly located behind our garage. It was rotting and large limbs fell regularly. We worried it was going to fall on our garage. It was a hazardous removal taking several days (and a lot of awesome equipment!).  We wondered about the condition of our lawn after all the dust settled, but we didn't need to worry--the crews were amazing at cleanup and left everything in great shape.  We just need to throw a little grass seed down and it will be good as new in no time at all.  The price was very competitive, the workers all pleasant and professional. Highly recommend!

Diane Bruins
Grand Rapids, MI

I needed 2 firs trees taken down. replied to my enquiry quickly and came to view the job within days. The quote was reasonable and the work booked within a couple of weeks. Paul did a great job and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his work.

Jason Dixon
Kentwood, MI