Tree Service in Wyoming, MI

Without a doubt, trees are essential parts of the household. They are beneficial for houses because they provide aesthetics, shade, and privacy, they reduce heat and save energy. It has been proved that trees reduce air conditioning costs and increase the air quality of the neighborhood. Considering all these advantages that trees bring, it is crucial to keep them healthy. We are happy to inform you that Timber Ridge Tree Care is a tree service company that offers tree service in Wyoming to keep your trees healthy and your house protected. 

Why Are Check-Ups Crucial for Trees?

Tree services can vary depending on the needs of the tree, so it is important to let the specialists do check-ups on the tree regularly and decide if it needs trimming, pruning, or even removal. These regular check-ups are as important to you as it is to the tree. Unhealthy and overgrown trees would make your house look inattentive and it can be a barrier to the production of healthy and fresh fruits if your tree is able to give fruits. Even worse, large branches that go over the house are susceptible to fall and might cause damage to your family or your house itself which can be really expensive. 

Trimming and Pruning

As many would know, the most common routine care for a tree is trimming. If done on time and properly, tree trimming is very healthy. In addition to making the appearance of the tree more aesthetically pleasing, it allows the tree to use the nutrition it absorbs in the most beneficial way. Residents of Wyoming are in luck because Timber Ridge Tree Care offers tree trimming in Wyoming. Leaving the trimming to professionals of tree service is the most reasonable decision due to possible risks. In addition to trimming, our company also offers tree pruning. Pruning is important to protect the tree and it’s usually done once a year. It gets rid of the dead and harmful branches and protects your family and neighbors. It also prevents possible diseases that may harm the tree. Experts in Timber Ridge Tree Care would examine the tree for possible infection or disease and make sure all necessary steps are taken in order to save the tree.

Tree Removal in Wyoming, MI

What If You Can’t Do Anything About It?

If the tree is already dead and there’s nothing else to do, the only option is tree removal. Plus, a dead tree might be a threat to the house or the building so it must be removed right away. Although it isn’t an effortless process, our team is ready to help you with this inconvenient procedure. Call Timber Ridge Tree Care for professional tree removal in Wyoming!


Keep Your Trees Healthy

While trees are great to keep around and there are many reasons to appreciate having trees as a homeowner, keeping the tree healthy with routine check-ups and necessary trimming and pruning is also a responsibility. If you want excellent care for your trees and property, we are always here to keep your trees healthy. However, emergencies can be inevitable with trees as well. Because of this, we also offer emergency services. Whether you need tree removal, pruning, trimming, check-up, or emergency service, we are proud to provide our services to you. No matter what the reason is, all you should do is to call Timber Ridge Tree Care if you are asking yourself “Where can I find tree service near me?”. 

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We just had TRTC company take down a huge oak tree that was damaged in the August storm. They did a fantastic job! They were prompt, professional and so efficient! They worked tirelessly all day- like 13 hours! Then they cleaned up any mess left behind! Great job!

Luka Modric
Jenison, MI

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I highly recommend this tree service. Chris provided the most punctual and fair quote of all the services I contacted. The entire team was polite, professional, and experienced. I have lived in area over 40 years and have had dealings with several companies and in my opinion TRTC outclasses them all. Great job!

Akake Rahad
Jenison, MI