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5 Myths About Mulch

Mulches have a lot of benefits, but many people back down when they hear false information about them. Thankfully, we realized the situation and prepared this article for you. In this article, we will individually go over all of the five major myths about mulches and how Timber Ridge Tree Care could help. So, let’s get started.

The First Myth About Mulches

The very common first myth we will go over is that mulches attract termites. Although it is true that many insects like humid and dark environments, mulches don’t provide this for termites. With proper maintenance of the mulch, you should benefit significantly from them. However, to avoid risking anything, we recommend you keep it at least six inches from your house base so that no termites can come close or enter.

The Second Myth About Mulches

The second myth about mulches is that they make pets sick. Since chocolate or its scent is poisonous for dogs, this can worry many pet owners as some mulches are made from cocoa or coffee beans. Although this doesn’t apply to most cases, you can still take precautions by looking at the ingredients in a mulch when buying or call a tree care company to have a mulch that doesn’t make pets allergic.

The Third Myth About Mulches

Another commonly misunderstood concept with mulches is the way of applying them. Our third myth is that making a volcano on your trees is the most effective way to mulch. This is entirely wrong, and we will tell you why. While it is true that mulch does an excellent job by keeping the soil moist, we aren’t trying to keep the humidity in the trunks because they don’t need them. Instead, spread the mulch evenly in a ring around the tree's base. The moisture around the base will help your tree grow.

The Fourth Myth About Mulches

The fourth myth about mulches is that it lowers the soil’s nitrogen. This couldn’t be more wrong. Mulches barely affect nitrogen levels in soils. People only say this because when the mulch decomposes, nitrogen temporarily becomes unavailable. However, the trees have a lot of undergrounds. That is more than enough for that during that period. Also, after the mulches are broken down, they provide nitrogen.

The Fifth Myth About Mulches

The last myth we will cover today is that mulches acidify the soil. This is also really wrong. Mulches do not affect the acid. They only provide moisture and protect from unstable environments.

The Trustworthy Company, Timber Ridge Tree Care

Your trees and plants are more important to you than you think. However, when you care about your trees, much of your valuable energy and time must be put in for great results. However, this may not be possible for some people. That’s why at Timber Ridge Tree Care, we have dedicated ourselves to making your plants and trees healthier than ever. With our dedication, modern equipment, and professionals, the tree service has never been better! Call us now to learn more about us and our services or myths and truths about mulch.

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