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Stump Removal

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Stump Grinding in
Grand Rapids, MI

If you had a tree removed from your property, you may have been surprised to learn the professional tree removal process leaves the stump of the tree remaining. This can be disappointing if you planned to use the space for landscaping or agriculture. Fortunately, you have a couple of options to deal with that tree stump. Timber Ridge Tree Care offers stump grinding in Grand Rapids. Our technicians have years of experience and are equipped with advanced tools and machinery to get the job done right the first time around. Call Timber Ridge Tree Care if you'd like to learn more!

What Does Stump Removal Entail?

Once a tree is cut down and hauled off, you will often be left with a stump. This stump will naturally decay and its roots will rot over time, but this can take several years. Some property owners like to have the stump out of the way as soon as possible.

If you do not want to wait for the natural process, then consider stump removal. This is an invasive process that involves forcibly removing the stump and roots from the ground. As you may suspect, this can damage your yard and leave lawns in ruin. This is why many property owners prefer to have the stump ground instead.

What Is Stump Grinding?

A tree stump jutting out of the ground can be more than just an eyesore. It is a serious trip hazard for you, your family, guests, and even pets. It can also lead to bent mower blades. If you want to get rid of that hazard without destroying the yard, then stump grinding is an option to consider. Stump grinding does not involve removing the roots. Rather, we use a stump grinder to grind the stump as far as 12 inches into the ground. Though stump grinding does leave a mark in the yard, it is nowhere near as extreme as the damage left by a stump removal. Plus, Timber Ridge Tree Care can haul the debris and cover the hole, if desired.

Which is Better for Me?

Before we can answer this question, we will need to know your specific situation. We are happy to take your call and offer a professional consultation. Still, let’s quickly review some of the pros and cons of each option.
A stump removal totally eliminates the remnants of the tree, including the tree roots. This eliminates the possibility of regrowth, but it is incredibly invasive. It can ruin your manicured lawn and it takes longer than a stump grinding. Stump grinding frees up space on the surface, but the roots remain. It is a quicker process but there is the risk of regrowth, and the roots can get in the way of new planting.

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Our Services

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Our Reviews

I cannot rate them enough, 5 star rating. They arrived on time and were very professional, methodically cutting down 11 very large trees. Shredding all branches and removing all the logs and debris from the site. Brilliant job, well done and thanks very much.

Ashley Z

Wyoming, MI

Responsive, professional, on time, knowledgeable, friendly and affordable. The team did a thorough of job pruning and cutting trees around our property. They were safe, efficient and very hard-working. The clean up was equally impressive. Thank you for giving our trees a fresh look and longer life!

Lian Mre

Cascade, MI

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