Frequently asked questions

Can I do just part of my estimate?

Sure! If you look at the estimate and decide to only do a portion of the work, just look for the button to request a modification. Please be specific when telling us what you do or don’t want done. In some cases, estimates may be a package deal and only doing part of it may affect the price, but usually this is clearly called out in the estimate. Please check with your Arborist if you’re unsure.

Does insurance cover my job?

If anything is a case-by-case question, it’s that. What is or isn’t covered by insurance is dictated by your specific insurance policy and the agreement you have with the insurer. Generally (and we’re neither an insurance company nor a law firm), insurance will cover at least some portion of a tree or branch falling and damaging a structure such as a house, garage, fence, or deck. In our experience, they usually don’t cover run-of-the-mill pruning or removals. You should absolutely ask your insurance provider since they have the final say.

Will you pay me for my tree?

No, we do not pay for timber. Any residual from a tree we remove or trim is turned into either firewood or mulch; we don’t resell them to sawmills. We know there are some places out in the world that pay for timber, but we’re not one of them.

Can you give me an estimate from a picture?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For some very simple work it might be possible but often pictures don’t tell the full story. If there are pictures you want the Arborist to see, feel free to text or email them. If you’re not sure who your Arborist is please contact the main office at

What’s a ballpark figure for my job?

The cost of jobs varies wildly, which is why we do all our estimates in person. Many factors are involved such as the health, size, and type of tree, how difficult the job will be, and what you’re having done. It’s impossible to estimate most work sight unseen.

When will my job be done?

Both estimates and jobs are scheduled by the Arborists. Your Arborist and their contact information should be listed on your estimate. If it is not, or if you don’t see it, please contact the office at (including your estimate number or the service address) and we’ll point you in the right direction.

My estimate just shows the price!

Odds are you’re looking at it on a mobile device. Look for a button to download the full estimate or view the details of each line item

Will you drop off wood chips for me for free?

When we haul debris from a job site we take it back to our mulch yard and process them into the mulches that we sell. If you’d like to see them, please visit to see what’s available. If you’re having work done by us and you’d like to keep the chips or wood from your job, just let us know.

Do I have to mark my trees?

We require trees you’re going to have removed to be marked UNLESS a) you’re going to be there for the estimate or b) the tree is obvious. If it’s the only tree in the backyard or the only one next to the deck, then we do not need it marked. If there’s any question about which tree it might be, please either mark it or plan to be there for the estimate.

Is stump grinding included in my removal?

Unless specifically listed in the line items of your estimate, stump grinding is NOT included in a removal. Please read your estimate carefully when you receive it. Outside of that area, or with clean up, a different rate may apply. Stump grinding is usually done a few days after the removal is completed, and pricing is subject to change. Please contact us for current pricing.

Are you insured?

Yes. The State of Michigan requires tree companies to carry Workman’s Comp. and general liability insurance, both of which we carry. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request

Do I have to be at home for the estimate?

If there’s a tree that’s hard to find or you want to make sure the Arborist sees something specific then we recommend you be present for the estimate. If you’re having a tree removed and it’s not the only tree in the area we DO require that the tree be marked OR that you be present for the estimate.