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Pest & Disease

  • Powdery Mildew: If your trees look like they have been sprinkled with flour, then it might be time to treat the tree for harmful fungi.

  • Gall: Picture warts or tumors on leaves, twigs, and branches. This is what gall looks like. There are over 1500 species of gall producers, most of which are insects and mites.

  • Witch’s Broom: The name is fitting. This is a deformity in which a dense group of branches grow from a single point.

  • Canker: A canker is generally an open wound that has been infected by a fungal or bacterial pathogen. These look like elongated lacerations on the trunk or branches of the tree.

  • Root Rot: Poor drainage can leave your tree susceptible to this fungal disease. Overwatering and poor drainage can cause some of the roots to die back due to a lack of oxygen.

Pest & Disease Management

Humans, squirrels, and birds are not the only ones to interact with trees. There is a countless number of creatures and organisms that get closer to trees than the tree might prefer. Beetles, bacteria, and fungi are just a few threats that can turn vigorous trees into nothing more than standing wood. Some trees have natural defense against some of these risks, but it is usually not enough. Give your trees a hand with professional tree pest and disease management. Timber Ridge Tree Care is proud to offer tree disease management in Grand Rapids. Feel free to call any time to schedule a flexible appointment, consultation, or on-site visit.

Common Tree Diseases

How do you know your tree is infected or infested? Understanding the signs of common tree diseases can help you act, whether that is by taking matters into your own hands or hiring a professional. Here are some common tree diseases to watch out for:

  • Leaf Rust: Orange or red leaves are normal during fall, but orange spots and bubbles on tree leaves can indicate leaf rust caused by fungi.

  • Fire Blight: Do your trees look like they have been scorched? Erwinia Amylovora, a bacterium, gives trees a burned or charred look, as if it was touched by fire.

Inspect your tree’s leaves, branches, and trunk regularly to check for irregularities and signs of trouble. Pest infestations and diseases can spread quickly, bringing down the whole tree before you know it. Act without delay to save the tree’s life and prevent accidents caused by falling branches or trees.

Tree Disease Management in
Grand Rapids

If you prefer to leave the disease management to ISA-certified arborists, then skip the web searches for “tree disease management near me” and call Timber Ridge Tree Care. Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call and schedule a flexible appointment.

Emergency Service Available

Tree diseases and pests can spread fast, and there is no point in waiting to act. Timber Ridge Tree Care is always ready to help. If you need emergency assistance, then call Timber Ridge Tree Care to speak with a live representative today.

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Our Services

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Our Reviews

I used Timber Ridge to remove 4 large trees and prune a diseased crabapple tree. I was impressed by their professionalism and knowledge.  I was given fast service from quote to job completion.  The guys knew their business and took the trees down safely and efficiently.  I was amazed by how precise they were in dropping the trees that were close to the house without one scratch of damage. They weren't the cheapest but I never worried about damage or accidents. They cleaned the yard up to how it was before. Highly recommend.

Wendy Zieger

Alton, MI

We had a monster tree with 5 fused trunks and a gigantic canopy awkwardly located behind our garage. It was rotting and large limbs fell regularly. We worried it was going to fall on our garage. It was a hazardous removal taking several days (and a lot of awesome equipment!).  We wondered about the condition of our lawn after all the dust settled, but we didn't need to worry--the crews were amazing at cleanup and left everything in great shape.  We just need to throw a little grass seed down and it will be good as new in no time at all.  The price was very competitive, the workers all pleasant and professional. Highly recommend!

Diane Bruins

Grand Rapids, MI

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