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Environmental Benefits of Tree Planting

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Trees At A Park

Trees are almost synonymous with the environment. When a lot of people think trees, they think about the environment. We know that trees produce oxygen, but the environmental benefits of trees go further, or deeper, than air. At Timber Ridge Tree Care, we know a thing or two about trees. In this brief article, we will review just some of the environmental benefits of planting trees. Just planting trees is not enough though. If you want healthy, vibrant trees, then do not neglect tree service. Timber Ridge Tree Care is proud to be a local source for professional tree service as well as tree removal.

Cleaner Air

Let’s start with the obvious to get it out of the way. Through a process called photosynthesis, trees absorb sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide from the air to make important sugars that feed the tree. A by-product of this chemical reaction is oxygen. So, trees simultaneously remove harmful carbon dioxide from the air and release fresh oxygen into the air. Estimates suggest that one large tree can provide a day’s worth of oxygen for up to four people.

Free Air Conditioning

Have you heard of an urban heat island? These are urban areas that are significantly hotter than surrounding rural areas. Human activities play a large role here, but the modification of land surfaces is especially noteworthy. Buildings, asphalt, and sidewalks absorb the sun’s heat and slowly radiate the heat back out. Trees protect surfaces from the sun’s excruciating heat.

Trees offer more than just shade though. Transpiration is another way trees cool the surrounding areas. Water absorbed through the tree’s roots are pushed into the air through pores in leaves, sort of like a misting fan!

Reduced Storm Water Runoff

Rain is a blessing for agriculture, but too much rainfall can damage plants as well as the soil. The impact of heavy rainfall can compact soil and lead to erosion. Excessive rainfall can also drain out soil oxygen, leading to root loss and stifled plant growth.

A healthy tree breaks the rainfall and holds soil together, preventing soil from being washed away during heavy rain. This is especially important on uneven land. Trees also filter rainwater as it seeps into the ground, taking out pollutants that can contaminate groundwater and nearby rivers or lakes.

Wildlife Habitat

Our ecosystem depends on all sorts of plants, animals, and other organisms. We may not notice it, but birds, squirrels, and even flies are contributing to our wellbeing in one way or another. Trees offer shelter and even nutrition to wildlife that helps you. For instance, birds make their houses in trees and hunt bugs that may be nibbling on your flowers.

Trees Are Not Always GOOD

As much as we love trees, we know that trees can also be dangerous. Tree limbs can grow into utility lines, roots can penetrate plumbing, and branches can fall onto personal property or passersby. Call Timber Ridge Tree Care to arrange a tree trimming or tree removal. Our friendly representatives are ready to arrange an urgent dispatch.



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