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How to Know When to Remove a Tree

Timber Ridge Tree Care Woodchipping a Tree

Nature is a beauty and trees are a very important part of that beauty. Not only do trees provide many benefits for our health, but it also gives us a sense of energy and privacy. If a tree is sick or damaged, what we know of benefits to us may cause damage to our health. For this reason, tree removal is very important. Throughout this article, we will look at some signs of damaged or sick trees, potential damages, our services, and many more.

What Are Some Signs and Effects?

Here are some signs that you should be extremely careful about: leaf discoloration, there are a bunch of chunks missing from a branch, there are weak, rotting branches, and overhanging branches. If a person notices any of the above and doesn’t care much, it may cause them really big trouble. If the tree falls, it can take down the power lines, damage your property, and potentially injure a person.

  • What Many Ignore

Fungi. Many of us see fungi under trees and that’s usually normal. However, did you know that a fungus that grows on the tree trunk could be a sign of internal rotting? The longer a fungus is left without notice, the weaker a tree gets. Thankfully, with the services that Timber Ridge Tree Care provides, your trees can be saved. Don’t let your trees get weaker and have the potential to fall, call us today to learn more.

  • Physical Damage by the Weather

As we all know, certain weather like a storm or harsh wind may cause physical damage to the tree. This physical damage includes but isn’t limited to fallen branches and weakened roots. With such damage, there may be water-saturated soil which can cause the entire tree to fall. In such cases, there is no option but to remove the tree.

  • Tree Stress

Did you know that trees can also show signs of stress? But how? Signs of stress are typically the effects listed above: trunk rot and fungus growth, invasive roots, overhanging branches. Depending on the case, a tree can survive. However, a professional tree service may need to check. If they decide that the tree is having too much trouble surviving, then before any decay spreads and causes a tree to fall, that tree needs to be removed immediately.

Avoid the Risk

There are many risks involved with tree removal. If it's not done by a professional with modern equipment, the risk is even higher. At Timber Ridge Tree Care, we want to save trees and avoid any risks to your health, your property, or the infrastructure of a street. With our modern equipment, skilled staff, and willingness to help, we will solve the problem in a safe, clean, and quick way. If you want to obtain more information about the signs of illness, the process of tree removal, our services, or a general question, give us a call today. We will be more than happy to serve you and help you avoid any risks involved with trees.

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