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How to Prepare Your Trees for Hurricane Season

A House Under Water

Hurricane seasons require many preparations. One of the preparations includes your trees. If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking to get your trees ready for hurricane season. Well, you are in luck because, throughout this article, we will go through ways that you can prepare your trees for hurricane seasons, how to find the right service, and how Timber Ridge Tree Care can help. So, let’s get started.

Crown Thinning Your Trees in the Early Spring

As we go through this article, keep in mind that we are trying to make our trees healthier in the spring. This is where crown thinning comes in place. This method removes the inner branches of a tree's crown, allowing the tree to get more sunlight and air. With your trees being healthier, the chances of them standing through severe weather become very high.

Pruning Your Trees in the Early Spring

Pruning is the process of cutting certain branches off of trees. Its primary purpose is to stop any potential disease from entering your trees. This process is especially recommended for people to do in the early spring because it allows trees to grow healthier through the seasons.

Do As Little As Possible

After doing the steps listed in the sections above, you should try to minimize your work on the trees. Many people do many things on their trees without the approval of a professional tree service. Note that these unguided actions can result in the tree having weaker roots and body. So, try not to take more extensive actions on your trees without the approval of your tree service.

Trees That Risk Your House or the Power Lines

Most of what we have covered is for the benefit and health of the tree. However, we must consider the possible damage a tree can cause in case it falls. This means that trees that are too close to houses or major power lines can significantly risk you and your environment’s health. To avoid any problems with trees being close to risky locations, call a professional tree care company to check the tree's condition. This allows them to see whether the tree is a potential risk to your health or not. If it is, they may cut some parts of the tree. However, the worst-case scenario is that if the tree has weak roots and starts leaning, it may have to be removed.

Your Trusted Tree Care Company, Timber Ridge Tree Care

At Tree Ridge Tree Care, we know that trees are a big part of preparing for hurricane seasons. Thankfully, your trees have never been safer with our modern equipment, experienced staff, and dedication. Call Timber Ridge Tree Care today to learn more about us and our services or get more tips on how you can prepare your trees for hurricane seasons. What are you waiting for? Call us now.



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