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How To Tell If a Tree Is Pruned Too Much?

Tree Care Professional Cutting A Tree Branch

Pruning a tree is helpful and necessary for a variety of reasons. Firstly, pruning a tree can have an impact on how it grows. With correct pruning, the tree’s structural integrity can be maintained. Additionally, it gets rid of the dead and decaying branches and makes room for new growth. If a tree is correctly pruned, it will not have weak branches which would prevent harm to your property, your family, and your neighbors.

Gardener Inside You

Most people tend to trim almost every plant when they move into a new house. Especially if the trees and bushes in the backyard are large, they want to start pruning immediately without further thinking of what it will bring. Unfortunately, this urge might lead to over-pruning which can be as damaging to the tree as not pruning it at all. Of course, the dead and diseased parts of the tree should be removed. However, to prevent harm to your tree, you should let professionals decide if you are handling living branches.

How To Know If Your Over-Pruned Your Tree?

  • You will see an increase in the deadwood as well as branches with abnormally long internodes, which is the length of the stem between its leaf nodes.

  • You probably will not see much new growth during the spring. Additionally, in the winter, more branches than usual will break.

  • You will notice more dead branches since the trees will be prone to infections caused by parasites and insects.

  • You will observe general leaf loss and thinning out.

  • You will notice unnatural growth of your tree.

Problems You Will Face If You Over-Prune

  • Wounds on the tree- Cutting a tree branch will leave a wound. A tree that has more wounds is of course more susceptible to disease since different organisms and insects can enter through these wounds.

  • Leans- If pruning only takes place in the higher regions of the tree, only the roots and lower trunk will be able to support the tree's weight. This would result in the leaning of the tree which would end up with loss of stability. If the lean can’t be controlled and is extreme, it might even result in injury or death.

  • Deadwood removal- To improve the appearance of their trees, people tend to remove the deadwood. However, be aware that removing more than 30% of a tree's canopy in a single year might have major consequences since this will interfere with the tree's natural defensive mechanism, putting it at risk of injury or death.

No Need To Worry!

If you are hesitant and need a professional opinion and service when it comes to tree pruning, Timber Ridge Tree Care is always here to help you. We are a tree care company that is very experienced when it comes to trees and know the necessary specifications to take the best action for your tree. With our latest technologies and machines as well as our experienced arborists, your tree and property are in safe hands.



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