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Signs You May Need Emergency Tree Service

Professional Performing Emergency Tree Services

When we look at a house for the first time, we can have many different first impressions. While many might think that the defining feature of a house is either its size or décor, the backyard is the defining feature of a house, and this is mainly because of trees. In Timber Ridge Tree Care, we are here to help your house and backyard to give the best impression to your surroundings with our tree service.

Taking Care of Damages

Some damages to trees can be clear to detect. If you see a large dead branch or leaning tree, there is obvious damage to your tree. Dead branches are a clear sign that the tree is having a hard time staying alive. Aesthetic isn’t the only problem. These branches fall to different places at times that no one can expect and are risks to your health and your property. Also, a lean indicates a bigger problem, and that tree needs to be removed as soon as possible before causing massive damage to your house. If you notice damage to your tree or see it leaning towards one side, don’t worry, just give Timber Ridge Tree Care a call and let us handle these risky trees.

What About Roots?

For the property owner, understanding if the root of the tree is decayed may be hard. Therefore, your trees should have regular check-ups. Without having a strong and stable root, a tree can’t have a strong foundation. If you notice there’s a decay in the roots or professionals notice it, it is time to get rid of that tree. Unhealthy roots mean unhealthy trees. The tree may seem fine on the outside but if its roots are damaged, that tree is as risky as a leaning tree in terms of causing potential damage to buildings near it. Because of this, it’s an emergency. In addition to this, the roots of the tree can penetrate concrete and cause dry soil. Damaged roots can bring the collapse of the tree and the house with it.

How Do We Fix It?

Unfortunately, tree removal isn’t an easy and safe task, therefore the task must always be performed by properly trained people and with proper equipment. With our special equipment, our staff will try to finish the job in the least problematic way possible. They closely monitor the trees and take care of unique requirements trees may need during removal.

Need Help?

We are proud to have such a long experience in tree services, especially removing. We are aware of our responsibility to leave you satisfied along with minimizing the impact of removal on the environment. We offer an emergency tree removal service in which our professional staff can personally walk through the problem and answer any questions you may have. It is as easy as giving us a quick call and letting us ease your problems. Contact us today to learn more about our staff, equipment, and services.

Reliable Tree Service

We take our job very seriously and are proud to be a reliable tree service. We aren’t here to only remove your trees; we are also here to help your garden leave a great and healthy impression. Did you know that we offer free estimates along with suitable prices? Call us today!



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