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How To Water Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs

Watering new plants and trees can be a new topic that few people know much about. For that reason, throughout this article, we will give you critical information on how frequent, how much, and where to water your plants. So, let's get started.

Factors that Change the Watering of Plants and Trees

Firstly, there is no specific watering measurement or frequency applied to plants. So many factors should be considered, like the soil quality, the type of plant, the size, and the area of your house. As we explain the critical information for normal plants, please try to adjust this information to your plants or call Timber Ridge Tree Care today to get the proper measurements.

How Frequent Should Plants be Watered?

For a new plant or tree, you should water it every single day with the given measurements for the first week. After two weeks, water the plants around two to three times a week until they are twelve weeks old. After twelve weeks, all the roots should be established, and you should water your plants every week with the given measurement. Call a tree service to learn ways you can improve the health of your plants.

How Much Should You Water Your Plants?

For trees with a two to three-inch diameter, you should water them 5 gallons each time. You should give around 2 gallons of water each time for shrubs between twelve to twenty-four inches tall. Increase this number as the tree or plant starts growing linearly. Don’t forget that there is no fixed method to water your plants because many factors influence how much they should be watered. Considering that these measurements are for a normal tree at a normal temperature, try adjusting the watering of your plants or call a tree care company today.

What Part of the Plant Should be Watered?

Many people need clarification on this part. When you water your plants, don’t put water on the leaves of the plant, it doesn’t do much to the plant. Instead, try to water the root directly because that is where the water is drawn in. If your plant is a couple of years old, the root is much bigger than when it was new, so increase the surface area you water. Lastly, try keeping the soil moist. This will allow your plants to get the right amount of water it needs.

Timber Ridge Tree Care

With all the new information you were given, you can be a little confused and terrified of the work required for your plants. Taking care of your trees and other plants can take time, energy, and patience. This can be hard for people that don’t have any of these requirements. However, you don’t have to worry, as Timber Ridge Tree Care is here for you. With our professional arborists, modern equipment, and dedication to making your plants healthier than ever, we are at your service. Call us now to learn more about us and our services, or get more tips for watering your new plants and trees. If you wish to learn more about the company, visit our website today.

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