Tree Service in Cascade, MI

Have you been putting off your tree pruning? Take care of your property’s trees and shrubs by hiring a tree service company that will put your needs first. Whether you need to recover from unexpected storm damage, require routine tree pruning, or want a professional tree removal in Cascade, MI, our technicians have the training and experience needed to complete the task quickly and safely. If you’ve been searching the internet for “tree service near me,” then discuss your needs one on one with our friendly team today, and discover how tree trimming in Cascade can help you improve your home or commercial property. 

Benefits of Investing in Routine Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Cascade, MI

Unpruned trees are not only unsightly, but they can put your property at risk. When branches are allowed to grow in random directions, it can create uneven weight distribution, which can cause fallen trees or property damage in severe cases. Investing in routine trimming is also great for the trees themselves since the crown of a tree needs ample sunlight and airflow to grow properly. When you invest in professional pruning, you can improve the longevity, health, and beauty of your favorite trees while decreasing the risk of damage or injury to your home or loved ones. 

Why Hire a Professional Tree Service Company for Your Needs? 

While some homeowners may be well versed in landscape design and advanced gardening skills, the majority have little to no training in proper pruning techniques. Trimming your trees requires a great deal of skill, experience and safety gear to perform accurately. Over pruning can quickly harm or even kill a tree, while uneven trimming could leave the property owner at risk of a fallen trunk or unexpected damage following a bad storm. When you hire a professional tree service company for your pruning and trimming needs, you can rest assured that your outdoor space is safe and pleasing to the eye. 


Tree Removal in Cascade, Michigan

In addition to tree pruning services, our professionals also offer tree removal and stump grinding services. Leaving a decaying or dead tree in place can invite plant diseases, mold, fungi, and pest infestations. If you have a tree that is beyond restoring, then our technicians can safely remove the tree without damaging your home. 

Do You Need a Reliable Tree Service in Cascade, MI? Call Timber Ridge Tree Care 

Are you looking online for a dependable “tree service near me”? Then you have made it to the right place. If you’re ready to hire a tree service company that will prioritize your unique needs, then call the specialists at Timber Ridge Tree Care. We offer a great selection of premium services, including tree pruning, mulching, stump grinding, tree removal, storm damage recovery, arborist reports, consultations, and tree removal in Cascade, Michigan, and surrounding metro area communities. Contact our office to learn more about our offerings or to schedule your next tree service in Cascade, MI. 

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I cannot rate them enough, 5 star rating. They arrived on time and were very professional, methodically cutting down 11 very large trees. Shredding all branches and removing all the logs and debris from the site. Brilliant job, well done and thanks very much.

Ashley Z
Wyoming, MI

The Team were friendly and courteous. They did an excellent job in a very efficient manner especially cleaning up after the job. I am more than happy with the end results. Would highly recommend.

Asher Milo
Kentwood, MI