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When Is It Time To Remove A Tree?

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A tree is removed for many purposes. Even though many arborists try their best to save a tree, it is sometimes impossible. When this happens, things can get a little emotional, but you should know that removal of the tree is both for your safety and the best option for the tree since there’s no way to save it anymore. However, many homeowners aren’t well educated on the signs that show it’s time to remove a tree. So, throughout this article, we will go through some of these signs, when to remove the tree, and how Timber Ridge Tree Care is here to help.

Is The Trunk Of The Tree Hollow?

It may be hard to know whether a tree trunk is hollow. However, if a tree care company checks your trees and decides that the tree is hollow, then it may be time to remove your trees. The tree trunk being hollow indicates that the tree is dying inside and will soon start to die on the outside. This will result in the tree leaning and potentially falling on something like your house or car.

Is the Tree Starting to Lean?

Another big giveaway to the health of the tree is the leaning. Seeing a lean doesn’t always mean your tree is about to fall. However, it must be observed closely and carefully. Certain trees only lean because they are looking for ways to get more sunlight. However, other lean occur because the roots aren’t strong enough to support the tree anymore. Since most owners aren’t knowledgeable enough to detect the reason behind the lean, asking a professional's opinion is the best option. Especially if your tree is leaning closer to your home or to the sidewalk, the tree should always be approached with particular caution.

Are Dead Branches Dropping From Your Tree?

Typically, if less than 25% of your tree is made up of dead branches, your tree can be saved. However, if more than 50% of your tree has dead branches and if you have experienced certain branches falling unexpectedly from your tree, it might be a good time to call a professional since these falling branches will soon create an unsafe environment.

What Do Sprouts on Your Tree Mean?

This is a sign that has yet to be discovered by many people. Do you see tiny sprouts on the bottom of your tree? These sprouts, also known as suckers, take water and other minerals from the tree. The existence of suckers can indicate your tree is under stress, and a professional arborist should evaluate them.

An Emotional Goodbye with Timber Ridge Tree Care

Removing a tree can be emotional and challenging for you. However, your tree may be saved. We have dedicated ourselves to providing you with safer, stronger, and healthier trees at Timber Ridge Tree Care. Your tree service has never been more accessible with our modern equipment, professionals, and dedication. Call us today to learn more about us, our services, or ways you can try to save your tree.

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