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Georgetown Township, MI


Tree Service in Georgetown Township, MI

Have you been worried about the health of your favorite shade tree? Are you dealing with downed limbs after a bad storm? Is it time for you to invest in an annual tree trimming in Georgetown Township? If you need a tree service company that can help solve all your tree care issues, then call Timber Ridge Tree Care. We offer professional tree service in Georgetown Township, Michigan, and surrounding communities. Have you been searching the internet for “tree service near me”? From routine tree pruning to emergency tree removal in Georgetown Township, our specialists have the training and equipment needed to get the job done safely and accurately.

Tree Trimming in Georgetown Township, MI

Tree pruning is critical to the successful health and wellbeing of your favorite shade or ornamental trees. Failing to properly trim the branches can lead to a lack of airflow and sunshine. In addition, uneven distribution of branches can become unsightly and lead to the leaning of the trunk. This can eventually cause distress to the tree itself as it grows larger. For best results, property owners can invest in professional tree trimming in Georgetown Township at least once per year. 

Tree Removal in Georgetown Township, Michigan 

Is your old Oak or Birch tree on its last leg? While it’s understandable that property owners want to do everything to save their favorite trees, there are times when holding onto a dead or dying trunk can lead to serious risks. Decaying trees can be susceptible to a host of issues, including pest control problems, fallen limbs, property damage, and the spread of plant diseases. Our team can safely remove the tree so that you and your family can continue to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about injury or property damage. 

Benefits of a Professional Tree Service in Georgetown Township

While many landscaping tasks can be safely carried out by property owners, there are certain situations that call for a highly trained and experienced professional. When you hire someone for your tree pruning, tree care, and tree removal needs, you can rest assured that the job is performed accurately and without risk to your home, business, or bystanders. This is particularly true for large, tall trees that require the use of powerful tools and advanced safety gear to properly perform the task. There’s no need for homeowners or businesses to put themselves and those around them in harm’s way. Our specialists have been trained and educated on the use of these technologies and equipment and can put them to use for the wellbeing of your property and investments.

Do You Need a Tree Service Company for Your Property? 

Are you still on the lookout for reliable “tree service near me”? Then call the team at Timber Ridge Tree Care today. Our professionals are always ready to lend a helping hand, so please feel free to speak with our staff to learn more about our residential and commercial tree care offerings. Our specialists can also help you schedule a convenient appointment for your next tree pruning, tree removal, health assessment, or general tree service in Georgetown Township, Michigan, or a nearby location. 


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Thank you so much for sorting the overgrown trees outside the front of my house today. He was done an amazing job, he also trimmed back my neighbours overgrown trees too and she was extremely happy with his work. Will always recommend him.

Andrew S.

Alton, MI

Plants/trees arrived quickly and looking healthy...  communication really good as was moving into a new home and trying to organise the Tree planting with the completion date. No problem at all. Great stuff, great price and would use again.

Carl G.

Alton, MI

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