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Trimming vs Pruning - They Are Not The Same Thing

Tree Trimming Crane

Trees are the outer beauty of a house. A house with healthy and strong trees is usually more beautiful than the others. A tree requires dedication and hard work, however. While many think that there is only one simple way to take care of the trees, there are different procedures for every tree with different functions. With this text, we will go through one of the most commonly confused tree care, trimming and pruning and how we can help make the process much easier.

What is Trimming Used For?

Many trees and plants grow like our hair. Our hair overgrows and if we don’t cut or take care of it, we won’t look the way we truly should. The same concept applies for trees. Trimming is the process of removing these excessive grown sides of our trees or plants. Usually trimming doesn’t have anything to do with the health of the plant; however, if a plant or tree is being regularly trimmed, then it can have a positive impact on them. In order to truly take care of the looks and health of the plant, a tree care company should get in play because if done wrong, it can cause many unwanted results for trees.

What is Pruning Used For?

Unlike trimming, pruning is the action taken for the health of a plant or tree. With pruning, the diseased, old, or damaged parts of the plants are removed safely to ensure that these damaging parts don’t spread to the healthy parts. Removing these parts can help redirect the plant’s energy to regrow itself healthily.

What Other Uses Does Pruning Have?

Pruning is usually applied on plants or trees that give fruits. With pruning, a part of the plant is cut to allow it to get more sunlight and oxygen in the interior or that tree. This helps the fruits grow more healthily and larger. Secondly, pruning trains the plants to grow or wait in a certain way. This method allows the plants to grow healthy and more stable from their youth.

What Can a Tree Care Company Provide?

Both trimming and pruning is related to the health of a tree. If done wrong, this can result in very unwanted consequences. With pruning, your trees become more susceptible to diseases. With trimming, parts of your trees that are needed may be unintentionally cut. With a professional tree care company, all you need is to sit back and enjoy your beautiful plants and trees growing in a healthy way. These professionals know when and how to act. With this knowledge, they can get the job done in no time.

Timber Ridge Tree Care

At Timber Ridge Tree Care, we have dedicated ourselves into providing services that fit all your needs for the lowest price. With our dedication, professional staff, tree trimming and pruning service, and modern equipment, we will leave your house with a smile on your face and satisfaction in our hearts. Call us today to learn more about us or to obtain general information about the different tree services! We will be waiting.



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