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Warning Signs That Your Tree Is Going To Fall

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Timber Ridge Tree Care Cutting Down Trees

Trees are what is considered one of the prettiest things in a property. In some cases, trees are planted at such a young age that they form an emotional connection with some people. However, sometimes a tree gets ill and needs some action to be done to it. In these cases, many people cut the tree and do not think about healing it. Thankfully, throughout this article, we will go through some signs that show if a tree is going to fall and when it should be cut. So, let’s get to it.

Fungus Growth on the Roots

If a fungus grows close to your trunk, then this might indicate that the roots are starting to rot and slowly die. Fungi usually appear when the tree begins to decay. This weakens the roots and makes the tree more susceptible to falling in severe weather conditions. Another way to check that your roots are starting to die is to see whether they are beginning to appear more on the surface than they usually should.

There are No Leaves That are Closer to the Trunk

This may be rare information, but when no leaves are closer to the trunk, this is another way to know that your tree has either a disease or will fall. A regular leaf of a tree is supposed to fall from the outside. If there are leaves that fall from the inside, then there is a problem in the root zone. Call a tree care company to learn more about saving your tree or taking precautions before any damage occurs.

Falling, Dead Branches

Falling branches are one of the most known reasons homeowners think the tree will go down. Although it is true that if a branch starts falling for no reason, this is usually overseen by homeowners. In most cases, the branch only falls because it has temporarily caught a disease for a certain period. There is no need to cut down the tree or do any unnecessary activity on your tree. Instead, you can call a professional tree service to learn how to heal your tree and avoid unnecessary actions.

The Tree Starts Leaning

A tree may lean a couple of degrees. This is normal and seen in many trees. However, in some cases, this is required. If a tree leans more than 15 degrees, that must be removed. It doesn’t matter whether it looks healthy or not. This is a serious event and needs urgent care as soon as possible.

Your Professional Tree Service, Timber Ridge Tree Care

In this article, we have covered some signs indicating whether a tree may fall down. However, every tree may have its case and need a professional to look at them. Thankfully, at Timber Ridge Tree Care, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a safer environment for you. Call us today to learn more about us or our services.



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