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What Are the Dangers of Cutting Your Tree’s Roots?

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Many people don't realize that cutting a tree's roots is dangerous. The roots are what anchor the tree in the ground and provide it with water and nutrients. When you cut the roots, you damage the tree's support system, making it susceptible to being toppled by strong winds or heavy rains. While root pruning sometimes needs to be done to maintain the structural integrity of a home or commercial property, it should always be performed by someone with professional training and experience. Timber Ridge Tree Care specialists offer reliable tree services, including tree removal and pruning. We enjoy helping our clients care for their trees and want the same for you as well. So, before you grab your saw and start hacking away at a tree's roots, think about the potential consequences. Read below to learn more about the risks of root pruning and what to do if you're having problems with your tree's roots.

Why Are Roots Important to Tree Health?

A tree's roots are essential to its health and well-being. The roots anchor the tree in the ground and absorb water and nutrients from the soil. They also help store energy reserves, which the tree can draw on during periods of stress, such as a drought. In addition, roots play an essential role in stabilizing the tree. This is especially important in areas with a risk of wind damage. By anchoring the tree securely, roots help prevent it from being blown down by high winds. Roots also help to protect trees from diseases and pests. By growing deep into the soil, they create a barrier that prevents many harmful organisms from reaching the tree's vital parts. As you can see, roots are essential to tree health, and we should take care to protect them.

Why Do Some Property Owners Try to Prune Their Tree's Roots

Some property owners simply don't like how large tree roots look in their landscaping design. This should not be the primary reason to prune roots. Since incorrect pruning methods could injure or even kill the tree, it is only worth taking the risk for serious issues - such as roots that are growing into your foundation or sewer line.

The Dangers of Excessively Pruning Roots

Pruning roots seems like it would be a good thing - after all, you're trimming away dead or dying roots, which can't be doing the plant any good, right? Wrong. While it's true that removing damaged or diseased roots can be beneficial, excessively pruning roots can actually be quite harmful. Roots are essential for anchoring the plant in the ground and absorbing water and nutrients. Pruning too many roots can damage the plant's ability to anchor itself and absorb the vital resources it needs to survive. In extreme cases, excessively pruned plants may even die. So when you're pruning your plants, use a light hand and beware of the dangers of going too far.

Do You Need Help with Your Tree's Roots?

Are you worried about your tree's roots destroying your concrete slab or plumbing system and need a root pruning or another important tree service? Did root pruning cause your tree to die, and now you need a professional tree removal? Call Timber Ridge Tree Care today. Our dedicated team of technicians is always here to help you improve the health and safety of your property.



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