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Benefits of Mulching Your Garden

A Trailer Full Of Mulch

There are so many benefits to having your garden mulched. It helps keep the moisture in the soil, and trees healthy and forms an aesthetic look to your garden. Throughout this article, we will go through what mulching is, the benefits of mulching, and how Timber Ridge Tree Care is here to help.

What is Mulching a Garden?

Mulch is a variety of organic or inorganic products that are to be covered on your soil for many purposes, which we will cover in the next sections. Mulching a garden helps with healthier soil, plants, and a better look in your garden. Let’s look at some types of mulches used.

Types of Mulches

We have said that mulches have different ingredients, some are organic and others are inorganic. Let’s look at some types of mulches:

  • Leaf mulch- Finding leaf mulch is easy and can be done by yourself if you have enough trees. They are simply done by chopping the leaves and covering them in your vegetable gardens, and other plant-based locations.

  • Chipped bark- These are also very accessible. Although they may not provide as many nutrients to the soil as leaves, they will still be healthy in different environments with the right use.

  • Straw mulch- These are used mostly for vegetable gardening purposes. They help maintain the moisture in the soil and can help save you money. Luckily, these mulches are very cheap. However, a bad side of this option is that it easily decomposes making it a mulch that needs to be renewed at least once every season.

What are Some Benefits of a Mulch?

Now, we know why we mulch a garden and the types of mulches, but what does mulching exactly help with? Let’s look at some of the benefits:

  • The point of mulching is to feed the soil. With organic mulches, your soil will be healthier than ever. This helps your garden become more durable from any disease and pest.

  • Mulches help retain the moisture in the soil. This protects the soil from the sun and helps save you money by stopping the constant watering that is required of you.

  • Mulches also prevent most of the weed that builds on top of trees. Those weeds germinate the tree and prevent most of the needed sunlight that the trees require. However, with mulch covering, weeds won’t be able to touch the soil and build from it.

  • These coverings also allow a stable temperature for the trees. In winter, it allows the soil to be warmer and prevents icing, while in summer it keeps the tree cool.

Timber Ridge Tree Care

We have covered the basics of mulches. However, if we were to cover every benefit, then it would take us way too long. Mulches have a lot of benefits and with the right tree care company, your trees will be healthier than ever. Thankfully, Timber Ridge Tree Care is here to provide affordable and safe plans. With our professionals and modern equipment, tree services have never been easier. Call our tree service today to learn more about us and our services or get more information about the benefits that mulches can provide.

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