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Tree Safety Tips

A Crane Helping To Feed a Tree in to a Woodchipper

Unfortunately, many people underestimate how dangerous trees can get when you are taking care of their regular maintenance. If you aren't careful with your tree, you may damage yourself, your loved ones, and your property. So, in this article, we have prepared specific tips for you, so you know what to be careful with when trimming, pruning, cutting, or regularly maintaining your trees.

The Safest Way

Usually, the best way to ensure your safety regarding trees is by looking for a certified arborist in your region. Arborists are professionals who work with trees and have deep knowledge about their biology, treatment, and safety. We know that some homeowners like to take care of their trees by themselves, so here are some safety tips if you are one of them.

Know Your Equipment

Always know the working mechanism and parts of the machine you are working with. If you start to use equipment without first reading the manual and without having sufficient information, you will most likely injure yourself significantly. Since many tree-related machinery and equipment are sharp and dangerous, you should always be careful about equipment.

Harsh Weather

If you are alerted to a harsh weather situation, inspect your entire property thoroughly to ensure there aren't any branches near your roof. If the tree has any dead branches and you can remove them on your own, you should trim those branches.

What About Tree Removal?

If you want to remove a tree, you should ensure everyone in your house is outside and safe. Inspect the lean of the tree and the area overall. Always wear protective equipment such as a protective helmet, eyeglasses, and gloves. If you are hesitant about a branch or anything related to the steps of cutting, always call a professional arborists to avoid property damage.


Be careful when you are working with a ladder. One of the most common injury causes related to trees are falling from a tree. If you need to trim your tree but need a ladder to reach the branches, you should call a professional instead. Remember, health comes first.

Tree Diseases

Always be aware of the potential diseases that may be affecting your tree. These conditions will not only kill your tree but also spread to other trees or plants in the nearby area. The best way to ensure your tree is safe is through regular tree maintenance by a professional arborist, but you should also regularly keep an eye on it. Knowing how your tree typically looks during different seasons can quickly notice when something isn't right with your tree's leaves or branches. This way, you can take early action and call a professional so you may save your tree instead of cutting it down.

Trustworthy Tree Service

In Timber Ridge Tree Care, we work with a highly knowledgeable team that knows tree health and maintenance specifics. Working with a tree might be dangerous for most homeowners and their property. Instead of causing property damage that would result in thousands of dollars, you can call our professionals for various tree services and ease your mind. Call us today to learn more about us and our services.

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