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Tree Care Tips

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Trees can enhance any landscape with beauty, tranquility, shade, and value. These are some reasons you should maintain healthy trees by providing routine maintenance to alleviate any threat to their well-being. Failure to provide professional tree care can lead to the deterioration of your yard, posing a safety risk to your loved ones and property. If you've delayed maintenance for a long, this is the right time to call a reputable tree service provider for maintenance. The professional team at Timber Ridge Tree Care has the extensive industry knowledge and expertise to assess the condition of your trees before proceeding with the right course of action. Here are some tree care tips recommended to help you maintain healthy trees.

Begin Landscape Care in the Fall for New Trees

Most homeowners usually wait until spring to start landscaping activities, but we recommend getting a head start in the fall. If you want to prepare your trees for the cold weather, we recommend following the PINE technique: prune, inspect, nourish, and extend. Start by pruning unruly branches, and check for signs of disease, insect damage, and dying limps. Provide nourishment with organic mulch and water before extending the following year's growing season by planting a tree in the fall. This makes things easier in springtime care, and it is also gratifying. We can help you prevent damage to your property and home through professional tree maintenance.

Know When to Leave Your Trees Alone

While trees require proper care and maintenance for good health, they don't need humans to grow. Most of the time, trees can thrive where they are planted until human activity inadvertently damages them by conducting maintenance where it's not required. Something as small as parking a car under a tree can damage the tree by tamping down the ground causing the soil to shift. Others build structures around or near the tree, compromising the roots by limiting growing space. Make sure you consult a tree service company before adding structure to your backyard to reduce the impact on your trees.

Observe Trees for Signs of Diseases

We recommend scheduling routine maintenance checks with a reliable tree care expert to detect signs of diseases or insect infestation before it gets out of hand. The last thing you want is to have a severely damaged tree on your property, compromising the safety and appeal of your yard. When dealing with a diseased tree, it is advisable to address the issue early to prevent spreading to other healthy trees. Most signs go undetected by homeowners, but an arborist can pinpoint mild to severe signs of damage and recommend the right course of action to take.

Weekly Mulching and Pruning

Mulch doesn't necessarily keep trees healthy, but it goes a long way in ensuring they last a lifetime. An excellent idea to enhance the durability of your trees is by applying mulch around the tree but keeping it away from the bark. A layer of mulch that's three inches thick is sufficient to provide nourishment to the soil. Pruning should be done on cracked or dead limbs to prevent damage during rain storms and strong winds.

If you want to maintain healthy trees in your backyard, contact us at Timber Ridge Tree Care and schedule an appointment with our tree care experts. We guarantee quality maintenance and care at pocket-friendly rates.



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